Who We Serve

TQI has developed a unique operating platform focused on providing superior security and service for its customers’ high-value, temperature sensitive freight in a variety of industries. TQI provides a full range of standard and specialized logistics services scalable to the varying needs of its customers. Our served industries include:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Sciences
  • Biotech
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Other

Focus on Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

TQI has set the industry standard for delivering transportation services with the most stringent temperature control and security requirements in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.
From major pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to smaller operations, TQI offers a full range of standard and customized services. TQI differentiates itself based on the following characteristics:

  • Unmatched service, safety, and security track record
  • Flexible and willing to handle any service requirement from its customers
  • Longstanding experience and expertise (thought leader and innovator in its niche)
  • Best-in-class equipment and SOPs
  • Expansive customer list with highly supportive references

Other Served Industries

Manufacturers across industries have realized operational and financial benefits from TQI’s logistics solutions. TQI professionals understand that each industry and each customer within an industry has unique characteristics and service requirements. Our industry knowledge coupled with our extensive logistics experience, enables us to seamlessly implement our best-in-class logistics processes and technology, regardless of a customer’s freight volume or product portfolio.

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