Technology and Service

TQI utilizes state-of-the-industry satellite tracking systems, which allows us to track the location and temperature of our shipments at any point in time. The GPS and temperature monitoring technology utilized provides our customers with peace of mind while their products are in transit. Consistent with our partnership approach, we believe that frequent and transparent communications with our customers is essential to achieving our high levels of service. We work closely with the logistics, security and quality personnel of each customer to ensure each load is delivered safely, on time and in excellent condition.

Our commitment to our trading partners does not end with offering a premium cold chain transportation solution, we also work to optimize the value that our partners receive with other value-added services.


Value-added services:

  •  Solution: anti-idling solutions – Benefit: fuel cost savings
  • Solution: route optimization – Benefit: improves service levels and decreases transportation costs
  • Solution: Dedicated Customers Service Personnel – Benefit: Improved response time to issues and improved accuracy of communication information